Monday, December 31, 2012

Dermedex help you reduce your pimples and scars

Apparently, I'm using this product to reduce my pimples and pimple's scar. A very effective way in reducing it. You can see the result in one month time(for those who have serious pimple issue) but for those who have only one or few pimples, you can see the result in just a couple days of time.

Good news is, I'm selling this product now. For more info, line me at 'itsmevvian tan' :)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New blog link

Oh, just a little information for you all. I'm not longer using this blogspot but changed to 

Check out my new blog to see whats going on in my life. Hehe

Monday, September 24, 2012

New stage of study

Hi, it been so looooooooooooooooooong since I last updated my blog. I wonder if anyone of you still reading my blog or waiting for my new post? :D

I'm doing good recently. Just fyi, it was my first day today being an advance diploma student. It ain't feeling good. Because there are only 15 people able to continue advance diploma but only 6 of us decided to continue at TARC. This is so saddening right :(  We used to have so much fun together but now the class is so dead, no more laughter, no more jokes. You can't imagine how awkward between us and the tutor.
Nah, I hope there are more people continue their advance with us -_______- 

I feel strange by blogging right now, cuz I have been stop blogging for 3months, and I seriously have no idea what to blog. Anyway, I will keep on updating alright :) 

Ciao !

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dramas, bitches

Life is about accepting challenges everyday! My life have been messing once again. I don't know why, but I don't live to please anyone around me, & I'm pretty sure I won't fucking change myself just to win your heart. It's not worth it for being who you're not suppose to be. 

I'm glad that I knew the truth, even though it's late, but at least I know. It's enough for being an idiot in the past, I had enough of it, dramas, bitches. I hope I can do like I really don't care or I don't even give a fuck on how you guys treating me. 

Remember, I don't live to please you guys, so stop it now. 

If you still want to do so, please do it in front of me so that I can give a slap on your face. 

Hoping the karma hit on your life. Amen!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Oh hey, I'm back. Seriously, I'm so freaking lazy to blog about anything anymore. but then, i seriously have nothing to do in the office. So i decide to blog something which I kinda proud of myself. 

I've lose weight! Yes, I lose few KG in two months time. You must be thinking that, stupid girl, why are you so happy with losing few KG. Alright, FYI I hardly lose weight, I tried so hard, I even stop eating to make me myself lose weight, but then I failed, not until I find the powerful thingy. Until now, my weight is still dropping day by day, i'm not sure about the side effects, I don't care much because what I concern is- LOSE WEIGHT! Yes, it might harm my body & health but I couldn't care so much since I am aiming 40KG. 

I still remember one of my BFF told me that I should be on 45kg, that's his ideal weight of me. & now, I did it, I made it like finally! My current weight is 43.5kg. Friends thought that I take drugs, that's why my weight dropped so fast, HAHA! Oh ya, one last thing, my double chin gone!! 

Okay, here's some of the my fat face!

Weight dropping- look at the following photos, started to lose weight ;)